Yeng Keng Hotel
Kapitan Keling Mosque, George Town
Kek-Lok-Si Pagoda
Kek-Lok-Si Pagoda seen from the temple
Kek-Lok-Si Temple (background)
My favorite view on the Pagoda with some jungle landscape in the background
Nice gate next to the Pagoda
Nice view on Bandar Baru and George Town
Great gardening @ Kek-Lok-Si
Sri Aruloli Thirumurugan Temple, Penang Hill
Hinduistic figures @ Penang Hill
View from Penang Hill

Gallery Information:

First we did not really know if we should go to Penang, then we did hard to decide which sights to visit. In the end, however, we were glad we visited and we are pretty sure we took some good decisions about the sights. Kek-Lok-Si is an amazing location with temples and a nice pagoda, great views of the city, the island and nature on Penang. Penang Hill also gave us a good view and an opportunity to spend a few nice hours.