First test shot with the D750
An absolutely classic self portrait, actually one of my first tries
Low key picture that should lead to a fierce and threatening expression
Great posing of this guy at the Cham Temples in Nha Trang, Vietnam
Another self portrait
A little more elegant self portrait

Gallery Information:

People Photography allows a lot of creativity. There is just so much you can play with.
Of course it is also a very complex genre of photography. You want to satisfy every person on the picture, you want the environment, their expression and everything to match and create one consistent message.

I will focus on three things here, the classic portrait you might want to have for a an official picture at work or on networks like Xing. There will also be pictures of people in their natural environment (something I especially like), be it on the job, practicing their hobbies, praying or anything else. The third option would be non-realistic picture that one might even call acting to a certain degree. Their aim is to mimic a specific person, character, mood or situation.

Hope you can recognize the types I just described in the samples ;-)

Update 2016: I don't really have a main focus on people yet, but I think once can see, I still made progress.