What an amazing head of this dance fly
How was that with the flowers and the bees?
A yellowjacket on a wooden stick
Do not know, what this amazing creature is. Who can help?
Syrphus Fly
Incredible legs.
A fly on the plants behind the house
Liked the way, the light is coming through the leaf
A spider handling its victim
Another fly
Ladybug on plastic pillar
Ladybug ready to take off
Bee aiming at blossom
Caught this one in flight

Gallery Information:

A while ago, I bought a Sigma Macro Lens (105 mm) in order to play a little. I always found the macro pictures in the Nikon boards quite interesting. It took me some time to get reasonable results, but I managed to get close to what I want. Here are some examples.
The mixture between fascination and sometimes disgust keeps me going and I hope it does the trick for you as well ;-)