Heading into the Canyon on Bright Angel Trail
In the area a bit under South Rim on Bright Angel Trail
American spy on the trail
What a fantastic lookout
What a nice lizard posing for me
Narrower part on Bright Angel Trail
Three Mile Restlose on Bright Angel Trail
A view up the canyon towards Indian Garden Campground
Zippy the spy was following us ...
Me at Plateau Point
View hiking from Plateau Point backwards
Grand Canyon before sunset
Entering the Canyon on South Kaibab Trail
Horses and riders passing
O'Neill Butte Overlook (South Kaibab Trail)
O'Neill Butte
Further down after O'Neill Butte
Transportation at Grand Canyon
Different light conditions hiking back up
Close to the top in the afternoon sun

Gallery Information:

Grand Canyon alone would be worth a trip to the US. It is just an amazing place on this globe.
I had been at Grand Canyon already twice, had walked down Bright Angel Trail to the campground. This time unfortunately we did not have a backcountry permit to stay down there over night. So we decided to hike Bright Angel Trail and South Kaibab Trail to the border of the inner rim. That leaves me with a new open target for the next time - hiking down South Kaibab Trail completely. I think this one is even more scenic than Bright Angel Trail.