This device makes sure, there is always the right amount of water available
Lat and Cams house behind the plants
Lat showing us how to prepare the filling of the Thai egg rolls
Preparing my egg rolls in the wok
Those egg rolls taste as well as they look
Ingredients for the yellow curry paste
Me, preparing the coconut that is used to get coconut cream and milk
Me preparing yellow Thai Curry
The result: Yellow Thai Curry
Papaya Salad
Tom Kai Soup

Gallery Information:

Island Organics Thai Cooking Class was one of the best experiences at Ko Samui. When we arrived, Lat and Cam showed us their organic farm and their creative solutions in growing herbs, mushrooms and vegetables. It was really interesting how you can build such professional equipment in a very easy way.
After the tour, where we picked up plenty of ingredients for cooking, Lat showed us some authentic Thai recipes. We even made the coconut milk and curry paste from scratch.
A special experience was for me to hold a Phase One Camera for the first time. But I guess it's not part of the official package ;-)
Little tip: You can get the recipes from the website linked below.