Rather early in the shooting Sandra and Rainer were already pretty relaxed and full of ideas - helped a lot to get into the shooting
Different location with the couple elevated, middle high grass and a kind of frame delivered by the trees
I also like the black and white
Another scene in the grass and great support with the posing again
These trees were a must and caught my eye quite fast
Here the flash worked nice with the sunlight from behind - created a nice soft light. I added a bit of warmth to the color

Gallery Information:

After upgrading my equipment, I wanted to get deeper involved in people photography. So, I bought a book, I watched plenty of videos and I met with a couple I am friends with, Sandra and Rainer who were interested in a shooting. For my first couple shooting ever, I think the results are absolutely acceptable. Many thanks to them, because they made my life pretty easy posing for the camera.
What did I learn? First of all - the D750 in combination with the 50 mm Nikkor (the F1.8) is a beast. It delivers an awesome quality. Checking the location before and planning in detail kept me calm. My checklist helped not to forget any of the ideas. And spontaneaous ideas are easier to shoot.
There is still a lot to improve and more to consider though. What really suprised me is how hard the light was for the late afternoon (5:30 to 7 pm). Another issue was the flashlight that only worked in the shadows (great effect with the softbox there) even in small distance (infrared). Next time, I'll have my reflector with me.