This guy is checking the area
Musher's Lodge
Crowded Kaupinen
Me and my new friends
My 4 dogs - Dobro (l) and Cisco (r) in the front, Debbie (l) and Oboy (r) in the back
Oboy and me
Debbie and Oboy
Dobro and Cisco
Camp Väkkäräjärvi from inside
The dining area @ Camp Väkkäräjärvi
Oboy, relaxing a bit
Bjoern and me on the snowmobiles
Sunset in Lapland
See how quick you can bond with these dogs?
Camp Väkkäräjärvi
Great landscape to drive through
Me, the snowmobile and a great landscape in the background
A pretty old church, actually the first one there, I think
Entrance to the ice hotel
Entrance to the ice bar with a nice sign of the location
The ice bar
Stairs to an upper floor in the ice bar
The main hall within the ice hotel
Cool king Matthias of Lapland
View into the main hall from the other side
One of the best rooms, containing this elephant
Counting sheep
Another nice room design
Ice sculptures with great evening light
King Matthias again ...
The chapel
Our plane on the huge airport of Kiruna ...
Old windmill @ Skansen
In one of the historic houses
Sea lion
Caught this bird in flight
Vasa from the front
Vasa from the back
A little view on the ship
View from Monteliusvägen towards city hall (left) and Riddarholmen
Another view on Gamla Stand from Monteliusvägen

Gallery Information:

Finding a good place for a vacation in March was not that easy. Travelling too far for a single week did not make sense. Travelling to some romantic spot with my buddy also did not sound like the best idea. So what else is close to us and brings fun in March? Lapland of course, Europe's last wilderniss.
And what fun we had. We spent the first two days with our guides and 16 dogs on an overnight trip. It's incredible how strong those animals are, how you can see their different character and how soon you can get used to them.
The next 2 days, we spent with Bjoern, a Swedish guy who showed us around with the snowmobiles. Bjoern in Swedish means bear, which is pretty well matching ;-)
One more afternoon in the ice hotel and we went on to Stockholm. Since the weather was good, Skansen was a must. In addition we re-visited Vasa museum and Pet Sounds Bar where we could see 3 live acts. For more pictures of the city, watch last year's gallery.