Took a shower, wanted to get ice to cool the beer and then had to be quick to catch this sunset.
Got up at 4. They said come early to see the animals at dawn ... and we did!
We even cought this Bison walking into the sunrise
What they did not say is that these animals are better seen in good light, walking right next to you ;-)
At least, we had enough time to spend in Lamar Valley.
Bison and the herd in the background
See how close you can get?
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Lower falls creating a rainbow
Looking away from lower falls
Untouched nature
Lake Yellowstone hotel, first opened in 1891
Me with Old Faithful Inn in the Background
There is always a little color, a little smell and a little steam somewhere ...
Old Faithful Inn - what a beauty!
Famous Old Faithful has a big crowd waiting
And here is the star of the show - Old Faithful geyser
Approaching Grand Prismatic Spring
Steam, color and smell ... again
Grand Prismatic Spring in the landscape
Grand Prismatic Spring
Did I say, steam, smell and color? Forget it in this place. Color is replaced by bubbling mud.
Our friend Old Faithful from the observation point
Steam, smell and me. Forget about the colors.
Norris Geyser Basin
The sheer beauty of the landscape

Gallery Information:

What to say to Yellowstone? It's hard to describe what this park offers. I saw my first bison at Lamar Valley, my first geyser - Old Faithful and I have never seen something like Grand Prismatic spring before. In between, things like Lake Yellowstone, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and the sheer beauty of the landscape are almost forgotten. Talking about the size ... Yellowstone is part of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. It is huge in any aspect.