Crowded Montana
Heading into the park
Sunset over Lake McDonald
Avalanche Lake
Glacier melt water building a creek
Kayaking on Lake McDonald
Sunset over Lake McDonald (other side as before)
View into the park from Highline Trail
View back towards Logan Pass
Young mountain goat
One of the many beautiful views from Highline Trail
You probably never get enough of those views
Me on the trail
Another animal we passed

Gallery Information:

I did not really plan all that much in Glacier National Park. Thought it might be a nice place and it was situated well between Calgary and Yellowstone. So I thought, we'll figure something out for the time there - and hell we did.
Even going into the park on Going To The Sun Road was amazing. It was a bit late, so the light was problemativ for some pictures, but we enjoyed it really much. The ranger guided walk on the next day was fantastic, thanks to Avalance Lake and nice Jamie, our ranger. Kayaking on the afternoon was not less fun. In the evening, we heard a ranger talk about building the road into the park.
Both rangers were so enthusiastic about the park, that this fever also caught us.
The whole program was closed by an awesome walk on Highline Trail.