Lake Louise
Inside Lake Agnes Tea House
Lake Agnes
Lake Agnes Tea House
Nice visitor to the tea house
There is always some food for those guys
What a beautiful scenery
Yea, I know - bad posing, but still a good picture :-)
Could sit here for hours if others would not wait for this spot :-)
The Château at the lake
The backyard of the Post Hotel

Gallery Information:

What has happened, if you meet a girl who is married to a female fighter pilot, two blonde Scandinavian girls, who made friends with her in Alaska and a couple that just got engaged including some gummy bear ring? Nothing much, you have just sipped a cup of tea at Lake Agnes Tea House ;-)
The area around Lake Louise is incredibly beautiful. It all started with a hike to Lake Agnes Tea House where we spent an interesting afternoon. Kayaking and some smaller hiking activities on the second day finished our program.
And not to forget - we met the biggest crowd of Asian tourists, I have ever seen in such a tiny village.