A pretty huge snail on our way
Reaching the top of the mountain to see how beautiful it is below
A view downwards
I like those little piles of stone
1st alpine hut, after strenuous 10 minutes of hiking ;-)
Farmer driving cattle up to the alpine pastures
Farmer, his family and their cattle
The Kampenwand summit cross
As everywhere close to Munich, this trail is crowded
The modern summit cross - like or dislike it?
Portrait in the crowds
Everybody got two minutes on this crowded platform ;-)
View from the trail to Sarlkofel close to Toblach, Italy
Toblach Lake
Nice landscape before the last ascent to Sarlkofel
A cow we met on the way down to Toblach
Nice atomosphere at the hotel Croda Rossa
Trail to the 3 pinnacles close to Toblach, Italy
Great view on the Italian alps
The 3 pinnacles
Me in front of the 3 pinnacles
Our goal - the Three Pinnacle Hut
Nice bird at Three Pinnacle Hut
Can you still see the hut in this great environment?

Gallery Information:

I like hiking - at least to a certain degree. I usually also bring my camera, since there is a lot of potential for photography.
This gallery will mainly focus on trips in the Alps and the Bavarian Forest. Hiking trips from abroad usually have their place in the trip's gallery.