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Hi there,

Welcome to my web presence. I will give you some information about what you will find here. First of all, let me mention a few basic things. All the contents you will find here are my personal and private thoughts, pictures, technical and functional exercises or games. This web presence is non-commercial, non-political, non-religious and not in relation to my employer or any other person or company. This is just me as a private person.

What I would like to show here are my pictures as a hobby photographer. My main genres are:

nature and animals


This is where most of my work happens. I love to have my camera(s) with me on any kind of trip.
A genre, my fascination for has been growing. Started with macros and also want to get deeper into wildlife photography now.
A genre I want to get deeper involved in, which is hindered a bit by my lack of models.

I usually tend to allow using my pictures by other people. However please let me know, if you want to do so. First of all, I would like to know about and I am happy if my pictures are appreciated. Second thing is that I might have to check with somebody else, if other people are illustrated.
If you should be interested in sharing this hobby, please feel free to get in touch with me. I like to talk to other photographers, see their work and exchange some knowledge. Even better would be if you want to stand in front of the camera. I would really like to get involved deeper into people photography and am searching for interested models.

A little more background on my way in photography: I started with this hobby in 2012, mainly because I was not satisfied with the pictures, I brought home from my vacation in Scandinavia. So I bought a great book on how to take good pictures from Markus Wäger. Soon, I decided that the compact camera would not be my friend for future trips any more and ordered a Nikon D7000 with my first two lenses. Over the years lots of equipment was added like additional lenses, flashes, tripods, hobby studio equipment, backpacks, etc. Beginning of 2016, I wanted to make the next step and ordered my first full frame camera - the Nikon D750 in the kit with the Nikkor 24-120mm F4.0 lens. Photography got one of my major hobbies and this page was severely influenced by this process.
Also in software, there was quite some development. I started to work on my RAW files with Apple's Aperture. When they discontinued the product, I was searching for a new solution. I tested Phase One's Capture One Pro and Adobe's Lightroom. Capture One Pro felt known right at the beginning and the available webinars helped tremendously in getting aquainted. Only after a few days, I already managed to produce better results than ever before. With this setup and a number of new CO releases, I continued for several years focusing solely on my RAW converter and the retouching options it provided. When I bought my iPad Pro, I also wanted to test Affinity Photo. It brought another big improvement to my results, especially the restoration tool that helps to get rid of unwanted elements in the picture. Sicne then I have also purchased all the other Affinity Products for my iPad and Mac. Affinity Designer is heavily used for all the icons on this website and within Affinity Publisher which is now my basis to create photo books.
All mentioned software can be found in the Links section within the top navigation, just in case things sounded interesting for you.

At the end, let me provide some information on this page:
I started to use English as my main language some time ago, since my focus with colleagues and friends got more international. Many galleries are still in German and probably will stay like this. However everything new will be in English.
If you need help to find an overview, there is a "Content" section within the "Home" menu above. There, you can find all the different parts of the website and what they are about.

If you should feel you would like to give some feedback, please use my contact page or just send me a short mail. I am happy to get an idea, what people think, which people visit, if I could improve something and anything else you like to tell me.

Kind regards, cheers, Servus,



Thanks to Vladimir Kharlampidi for Swiper, the image slider.




05/18/2021: Arches National Park.

05/16/2021: Bryce Canyon.

05/15/2021: Lake Powell.

05/15/2021: Horseshoe Bend.




09/13/2020: Today, the re-design went online. After a lot of changes and testing, I feel it is ready now.
With the new float design and the flat icons, I created a modern new look, made the page even more personal (all icons are now own creations) and hopefully achieved major improvements for mobile devices.
Please feel free to provide some feedback. I would very much appreciate it. Thanks.

09/06/2020: I introduced the newest version of my slideshow today. It includes a new design (which will likely have an effect on the whole website sooner or later), better viewing possibilities for the pictures and a lot of improvements on the presentation (especially for mobile devices). Should you encounter any issues, please send me an e-mail. Since I cannot test with any browser, OS and device, this would be very helpful. Thanks.


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