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Pacific Northwest & Rockies

Pictures from the vacation in July 2015 Pictures from our vacation in the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountains  

Sub gallery Preview Description
Portland A little impression from Oregon's largest city as well as the way there
Grand Teton National Park Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone's alpine neighbor
Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone, considered the first National Park in the world.
Glacier National Park, Montana Glacier National Park had more to offer than expected, see yourself
Calgary A short visit to Calgary after the national parks
Yoho and Banff Two more parks, but not that many pictures because of bad weather
Lake Louise Hiking, kayaking, tea houses, expensive hotels, a château and an awesome scenery
Jasper National Park The first national park on the trip and a highlight it was
Kamloops, BC Kamloops - a beautiful stop on our way to Jasper
Vancouver Vancouver, BC - Stanley Park, Beaches and great views
Vancouver Island Pictures from BC's capital Victoria and Butchart Gardens
San Juan Islands Friday Harbor and whale watching
Seattle Seattle, Washington - our first (and last) stop




05/18/2021: Arches National Park.

05/16/2021: Bryce Canyon.

05/15/2021: Lake Powell.

05/15/2021: Horseshoe Bend.




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