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07/28/2021: Mesa Verde.

07/28/2021: Fluval Edge Tuning.

05/18/2021: Arches National Park.

05/16/2021: Bryce Canyon.




07/28/2021: I introduced the new start page a few days ago. The idea was that a graphical shorter version would be better. People interested in the background of the website can find that in the about page. It also includes a short history now.
I also introduced the Projects sections with this update.

09/13/2020: Today, the re-design went online. After a lot of changes and testing, I feel it is ready now.
With the new float design and the flat icons, I created a modern new look, made the page even more personal (all icons are now own creations) and hopefully achieved major improvements for mobile devices.
Please feel free to provide some feedback. I would very much appreciate it. Thanks.


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